It’s here. It always has been.
Majestic mountains, fertile valleys, arid plains, and aimlessly flowing rivers winding through it all.
They know where they’re going...they’re just taking their time. Can you blame them?
A unique blend of urban, rural and wilds, the Northwest is here to be discovered - again and again.
By chance or choice, we are the fortunate ones who call this place home. But you knew knew it all along.

There’s no one Northwest. Instead, it’s tailor-made for each of us, in all the people and places and moments we encounter throughout our day. So no matter who you are or where you’re from, there’s a perfect place for you here somewhere. The real fun comes in finding it.


Signature Collection

Find Your Flavors

We know you're excited to give Merchant's Craft a try. Now, where can you find it? Merchant's Craft is found exclusively at independent locally owned Northwest grocery stores. When you purchase Merchant's Craft, you are buying local and supporting your Northwest neighbors. We think that's pretty cool.