Your Local Brand

Merchant’s Craft is a new brand of beverage products that is exclusively available at locally-owned, independent grocery stores throughout the Northwest.

With unique flavors created specifically for our Northwest customers, Merchant’s Craft will elevate the concept of store-brand products to a level that meets or exceeds the national brands.

Besides our Signature Collection of pop flavors - Wild Huckleberry, Doc Merchant, Mountain Splash, and our exclusive original flavor, Fizzle Berry - Merchant's Craft also comes in all twelve traditional flavors of pop, as well as a full lineup of sparkling waters and mixers, formulated exclusively for Merchant's Craft.

Created and bottled right here in the Northwest, we're confident you'll find supporting your new local brand, Merchant's Craft, a rewarding and thirst-quenching experience.

Found here. Exclusively.

Find your pop

No matter what flavor your tastebuds crave, Merchant's Craft pop is sure to have something that will satisfy them. Discover the rainbow of flavors that await you at your locally owned Northwest grocery stores.