Doc Merchant

What's Up, Doc?

How would you describe Doc Merchant to someone he’s never met? Well, you’d start by saying he’s the human embodiment of the great northwest and then go from there. He’s strong, yet sensitive. He’s a rugged outdoorsman who can hike all day and then set up camp in the dark. But he’s just as comfortable spending a rainy Saturday afternoon in his favorite coffee shop drinking a pour-over and reading obscure French novels.

Some of his many interests include hiking, plaid - flannel of course, fine leather goods, creating his own artisan soaps, fixed gear bicycles, and beard oil. These days he’s on a quest to raise awareness for the Merchant’s Craft pop that bears his name, and to remind the world just how amazing the northwest really is. His friends call him Doc, and you should too.
It’s not a formal title – he didn’t go to medical school after all – instead it’s more of a nickname for a hip fellow who seems to know a little bit about almost everything. Ask Doc, What’s up? He’ll tell you.

Up for anything

Whether you're hanging out at Pioneer square, fly fishing the Gallatin River, wind surfing the Columbia, or harvesting wheat on the Palouse, Doc Merchant makes every Northwest experience just that much more memorable and he's pretty much up for anything. But don't take our word for it, bring Doc along on your next adventure. You'll be glad you did!


Doc Merchant is just one of seventeen exciting new flavors of Merchant's Craft pop. Explore them all!