Fizzle Berry

Berry Interesting

Early settlers told tales of a berry – light blue in color with a tart flavor – that dotted only the very highest alpine meadows. These berries were notable for their unique taste and a surprising texture that electrified the mouth. They began calling it the fizzle berry and thus, a northwest legend was born.

Explorers wrote of the great migrations of Bigfoot (or would that be Bigfeet?) that gathered to feast on these succulent fruit before hibernating for the winter. Sadly, by the late 1800’s, the fizzle berry had all but vanished from the Northwest landscape and instead transformed into something of a local myth. Old timers claim that the berry’s disappearance coincided with that of the mighty Sasquatch, but of course it’s impossible to verify that scientifically.

The dreamers among us believe that fizzle berries are still out there – somewhere – just waiting to be discovered again. But rest assured, the fizzle berry will always live on in the most fertile reaches of our imaginations and in Merchant’s Craft pop.

For Real?

People often ask, “What is a Fizzle Berry?? It is a real berry?” Some say it’s real, others are skeptical. Either way, this Merchant's Craft exclusive flavor is not to be missed. Ask Bigfoot the next time you see him; he know’s the truth. You’ll likely find him in the pop aisle of your locally-owned Northwest grocery store, with an armful of Merchant’s Craft pop...Fizzle Berry flavored of course.


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