Wild Huckleberry

Truly Northwest

Growing only in the remote mountainous regions of the Northwest, where soil conditions and climate is ideal, native wild huckleberries are highly sought after by adventurous foragers and wildlife alike. Sweet, yet tangy and bursting with intense flavor, we’ve captured all of the essence of these elusive berries in the crown jewel of our signature pop collection: Merchant’s Craft Wild Huckleberry. Enjoy!

Tastes Wild

Straight out of the can or poured over ice cream, Merchant's Craft Wild Huckleberry pop is sure to be a flavor your household will be wild about. Find it exclusively at your favorite locally-owned Northwest grocery stores. Grab some today and get out there, your Northwest is waiting for you.


Wild Huckleberry is just one of seventeen exciting new flavors of Merchant's Craft pop. Explore them all!